here u can put ur updates

it can be as long as u want yay

if u dont want this then u can just delete everything in here

or message me if ur confused


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new url :):)

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new page.

follow it please.

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Anonymous whispered delicately,
"Hi! You played the Miley fc in Chandler's right? Could you possibly upload your gifs of her to like, mediafire or something? You always have the best and the most gifs and I would love you forever if you would do that for me!!!"

I can definitely do that for you babe :) Keep an eye out okay? I’ll post it on just to keep things organized and what not xx

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Please excuse me whilst I settle myself into my depression now. Might as well prepare myself.

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Is it weird I feel awkward with chandlers being revamped and I’m not the one doing it???? Idk. Good luck I guess? Its just strange to me because its my group and people associate myself with it?? Ionno iooonnnoooooooo.

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stop unfollowing me this is my only source of self esteem 

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✞ eliza ✞